Tips On Interior Design And Home Renovation

We have all come across houses that have impressed us for their spectacular interior designs which we believe to have the potential to enhance the quality of life. We have also seen houses that made us feel unease that we just cannot wait to leave the spot. Having visited so many houses, we know that it is the interior design and home renovation that are affecting the final visual result.

Here are three tips for you in creating an appealing interior space for your home. Firstly, make sure that you have a smooth traffic flow in your home. The flow from your room to the living hall, and later to the kitchen or dining area should be extremely smooth where you do not have to stumble over several items along the way. Your furnishings should hence be arranged in a way that leaves a path for easy movement. At such, your home will appear spacious and generate a sense of peacefulness. Secondly, colour matters much in producing a harmonious interior atmosphere. Generally, warm colours such as yellow and red indicates energy and are suitable to be used in an active space like kitchen.

On the other hand, cool colours like blue and grey are more appropriate to be incorporated in the design of a bedroom or bathroom, places that we normally refer as passive spaces. Since sunlight can be enjoyed all year round in Malaysia, interior design of your home can safely include the colour of white which stimulates a serene setting when combined with rays of sunlight. Thirdly, emphasize the vertical space by employing vertical shiplap that will intensify the height of the room. It is also important to position all of your furnishings at the lower half of the space, leaving the upper half empty to create the desired effect. If you are longing for a flawless home renovation or interior design in Malaysia, you can with no doubt place your project in the hands of Meridian Interior Design that provides quality home renovation and interior design mainly in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.